This fire test method is applicable to door assemblies (comprising doors, frame products, hardware, glazing materials, and other parts, accessories or components) of various materials and types of construction, for use in wall openings to retard the passage of fire.

This test method is also applicable for evaluating individual components (doors, frame products,hardware, glazing materials, light kits, louvers and other parts or accessories) intended as part of a fire test assembly.

Wood core doors meeting the requirements of CAN/ULC-S113, Standard Specification for Wood Core Doors Meeting the Performance Required by CAN/ULC-S104 for Twenty Minute Fire Rated Closure Assemblies, and frames meeting the requirements of CAN/ULC-S105, Standard Specification for Fire Door Frames Meeting the Performance required by CAN/ULC-S104, are not required to be tested to the requirements of this Standard. However, doors and frames meeting these specifications may be used for the evaluation of individual components.

It is the intent that tests made in conformity with this test method will develop data to enableregulatory bodies to determine the suitability of door assemblies for use in locations where fire protection of a specified duration is required.

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